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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Chennai teen hacks university site

Chennai teen hacks university site, bids for cyber course seat

Entrance exams are passe. A student from Tamil Nadu hacked into the admin pages of a cyber forensics centre at University of Madras to showcase his skills to the authorities and convince them to admit him to a course offered by the centre. The authorities said that the student later appeared for an entrance exam conducted by the centre, but had failed to clear it.

The youngster in an email in June to professors said he meant no harm but just wanted to tip them off about the inherent weaknesses in the university website and professed his passion to work in the field of INFOSEC (information security). The university's Centre for Cyber Forensics and Information Security offers an M.Sc degree, one of the most popular and in-demand courses with job offers from top banks and financial institutions pouring in for those completing it. For the 25 seats on offer, the centre received around 350 applications.

In the email, the student, even attached screenshots of the vulnerable admin logins he was able to break into, including the admin pages, library and the WiFi connectivity login. He also said he had found a small vulnerability that bypassed many login pages of the university's website. In the e-mail, the student said he had dreamed for long about studying cyber forensic sciences and that the attempt was merely to display the basic skills he possessed. He requested the authorities for a chance to be enrolled as a student in the course.

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