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Friday, December 2, 2016

Android malware Gooligan affects over 1 million Google accounts

Remember Ghost Push? The malware that started threatening all Android devices about two years ago has come back to haunt the global Android community. Google has verified the existence of a new variant of the Ghost Push malware named Gooligan. The malware was first discovered by Check Point, a security research firm. The report says that over 1 million Google accounts could have been affected by the threat and the number is increasing with about 13,000 account breaches every day.

According to Checkpoint, the malware infects devices and steals information that further helps it to access data from Gmail, Google Play, Google Photos, Google Docs, G Suit, Google Drive and more.

Adrian Ludwig, director of Android security at Google, confirmed the Checkpoint report and said that his team is working closely with the security firm.

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